First Post | About Me

My name is Willow, I’m a freelance music journalist, photographer and general creative person.

My Instagram is @wwilla

My Twitter is @wwilllaa


I will be using this blog as a creative outlet to comment on popular culture and identities. I will be telling some of my stories, reviewing music and generally giving my hot takes on pop culture. It will also act a sort of diary in way, reflecting on my experiences and telling some stories. I hope you enjoy.

The story behind the main photo if me on this post is that I was having an awful day in my first uni halls and found out through Rob of Sports Team that the band were doing a DJ set in Hackney at a venue called Oslo. I decided to get out of bed and get on a bus up the road to Hackney central. Side note: I actually saw the actor Alex Lawther (End of The F**king World, Black Mirror) on that bus, he’s a lot shorter in real life. He was wearing a brown trench coat. Anyway, I turned up at this weird pub/ venue and everyone was there, I just didn’t know it yet. I went alone obviously (because all of my friends at the time actually hated me). I ended up meeting some people who knew me – I had no idea who they were of course. I met a guy who I hung out with for a while, until we bumped into Henry, I think, or was it Rob and Ben? Who knows, I was getting progressively dunk, as you do when you feel awkward at a social event. I felt like a celebrity in this tiny little community and it was such fun. After some time passed Henry (lead guitar) came up to me and said, because I’d been bugging him for ages, that he would show me the final mix of an unreleased track they hadn’t been able to put on the upcoming album. It’s actually Henry‘s phone I’m holding in the picture as I pressed the speaker as far into my ear as possible in attempts to hear and savour the golden moment this man had given to me – I don’t think I got through half of the song before Henry came back to collect his phone, I don’t think he trusted me.

Why I called this blog Band Aid Blogs

Although I love the word Groupie so much and I feel that it defines me as a person and defines where I reside in my sub-culture. The term band aid is from the movie ‘Almost Famous’ and it’s what the lead character Penny Lane (based on Pamela Des Barres) calls herself. She’s a super cool chicky, she’s mysterious and chic as hell. Basically who I want to be. I felt that Band Aid is a a more suited term for professional use as this will be contributing to one of my uni modules.

Heres an important article about Pamela Des Barres’ take on Almost Famous and the the intersection between the terms Groupie and Band Aid:

Editorial use only. No book cover usage. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Neal Preston/Dreamworks Llc/Kobal/Shutterstock (5881079l) Kate Hudson Almost Famous – 2000 Director: Cameron Crowe Dreamworks Llc USA Scene Still Comedy/Drama Presque célèbre

Here is my most recent playlist:

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